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more thoughts on D.Albert

The issue here isn't just one thing. It's oh so much deeper than that. 
"There are many reason's as to why this type of violence takes place in those neighborhoods. Millions of blacks were released from slavery with no economic status whatsoever, were uneducated, ignorant, and indoctrinated in violence from rape, merciless beatings, murder, and many other barbaric practices. Add to this no sense of family, no culture, no history, and no sense of pride, And from slavery, to reconstruction, to Jim Crow laws, the problems have been exacerbated by drugs, lack of opportunity, a failing education system (which is linked to economic status), and you name it." Chris
What do u do with those who don't have parents? Or those whose parents aren't educated or had a role model themselves? It's a cycle we need to break. It's a culture inside of a culture that very few people care enough about to change. We have corrupt governments in africa and other countries and it seems like the logical choice to want to help the poor and oppressed, but in our very own country with corrupt government and people who are in need we tend to blame them for the situation...

I was hesitant to even post about this again, but i cldn't stop thinking ab it knowledge is power and i don't want to be ignorant...
I think the lord gives us opportunities to help and we need to be as well equipped as possible. Maybe i can't save the world, but there will be opportunities to make it better. Some of those opportunities fall into our laps because we were open enough to prepare ourselves for it, some of the opportunities we may have to seek a little harder for.

All i know is that i care about the kids in chicago just like i do the ones in my own neighborhood. They are all the same; their economic plight is what divides them. There are some who have come and spoke out about this and i commend their initiative and leadership. 

Video: Twista speaks with students involved in Derrion Albert incident

part of 2 different comments on

"no-one should hate a person because of what they've done, but first gain an understanding of what their mindset is, in an effort to maybe help that person. Think of it this way. Take any millionaire out there who has great morals and is completely successful. Now picture that same person being born in south central, LA, who grew up in a broken home, with a mom addicted to crack, struggling to make rent, and on the verge of being evicted. Now do u really think he would grow up to be that same millionaire? I don't think so. Chances are, he's going to grow up selling drugs, and possibly becoming a killer, to those who oppose him, given that he's in a gang..." Zach

"Our children are a reflection of us…Adults.... Look at what we are teaching them….around the world….corruption, violence, greed racism, pure hatred, war and rumors of War, self medication sanctioned by Doctors and Pharmaceuticals companies. My God …look how our leaders act, disrespect of each other, inappropriate sexual acts by Teachers, Clergy, Political Leaders, Security Authorities, calling on the death of Our President in the name of God, even Nature is rising up in protest against Humanity ! We Adults are the first one to be responsible for this sick behavior. Our children are the mirror-reflection of ourselves. This is not to excuse their choices, or behavior…however Hostility Breeds Hostility, what do we expect?. Do as I say and not as I do! History has taught us that all Great Empires fell from within. I believe that if we continue to focus on the “Elephant” in the room, “Racism”, that this Great Country will experience that same Fate....we will turn on each other. No one can change the heart and mind of another human being other than God or that person…himself or herself..." Angela Savage Austin

I have listened many times to the song, Something Is Wrong, by David Banner. It begins and ends with words from CNN reporter, Rick Sanchez. David Banner – Something Is Wrong (About Chicago Incident)

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His comments come out of frustration, but the idea that some of our children are UNSALVAGABLE... is nothing but disturbing. And many of the hateful comments that followed that particular interview show how painfully ignorant and cruel people can be. We are all salvageable and by hating those who are hurting we don't do our society any good. How do you get a society to function?... with care for each other. Certainly not by enslaving, them, lynching them, and telling them they are hopeless. HELP US SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!

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So i found this mix n match set because i really love the vintage CC necklace! But the dress n shoes are fabulous too. Had to share.

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Ghetto Gospel

this is an old one but i'm feelin it today and wanted to share...

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Derrion Albert: What's the answer for our children?

This story has been one that i can't seem to get out of my head. A child in Chicago's South Side was beaten to death on Sept. 24th. 16 year old Derrion Albert was a good student who was described by his grandfather as a good kid who attended Bible class every week.

The fact is it probably wouldn't have made anything past the local news... but another youngin caught it on video. For those of you who haven't seen it, i DON'T recommend it, but it is below... FOX now has the rights to it. There was actually an audible crack of Albert's skull. It is disturbing. The person filming seems awful to have stood by and do so without helping, but you see and hear others cheer and yell, watch and participate. 

Some say Chicago was quickly eliminated by the IOC (International Olympics Committee) for the 2016 Olympic Games because of the video. There is no way to know. But in the end, there is violence worldwide and in the 21st century we are faced with the actual images to replay and relive as someone loses their life.

I'd like to hear any of your thoughts. Much debate has happened over whether the Videographer is a snitch, coward, or a hero. Many of those on the street that day had phones as well and the video has brought to light much that goes on. What has gone so wrong that it comes to this? Where does the hatred stem from that our teenagers could possibly beat and kill a boy just like them?

I believe that much relies with the parents and our families, but can we also blame government and society for not supporting the family? I think so. But blaming doesn't help! How can we be proactive instead of reactive?

UPDATE: Oct. 12 - As many of you know the Derrion Albert story deeply affected me. One of my favorite artists, Common, among others, recently spoke about the incident. It's a positive message and I respect him for keeping God in the center of it. There is a void that we need to help our youth fulfill. WATCH HERE.