Monday, November 9, 2009

When Did You First Fall In Love With Hip Hop?

Wanna hear it? Hear it go LOLOLOL  

1. early days r kinda foggy but i loved miss jackson, KRS, NWA... yup had to sneak that one (Boyz n the Hood), and LL (Mama said knock u out)... played super mario brothers listenin to it. hahaha  

2. listening to Hot103 Jamz "hot 8 at 8" and "the quiet storm"... catchin a lot of sh*t for it in jr high n HS when alternative was the "in" thing  

3. again my soph yr of HS when ALL EYES ON ME came out... i remember the moment i first heard it in a hotel room in San Diego  

4. Renee by the Lost Boyz and the whole Legal Drug money album  

5. again when i studied in Italy and watched a whole new game of bboy dancin 

6. Kelis' Caught Out There played all over Europe  

7. at my first MJB concert and when her album No More Drama came out i know many ppl including myself felt her  

8. singing Wyclef and Akons songs with my boys in Haiti  

9. when i heard Rakim's voice once again this yr w his joint Holy Are You  

10. today when i heard Jay's Empire State of Mind n it gave me the chills AGAIN thinkin memories of NYC and when one day i will take my son there  

Hip Hop may be one of the best relationships for me bc i continue to fall in love with it all the time :)

When did YOU first fall in love with Hip Hop???