Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nosey noses

A late dinner conversation last night made me ponder something I had been thinking about since my last blog about donations for Uganda. I was speaking with a man who is experiencing some family troubles. His situation has repeatedly been made worse buy his sister-in-law. The two of them rarely speak outside of holidays and really just 'tolerate' each other. The minute he began to "go thru some things" she felt the need to express her concern. Nothing wrong with that right?? Well, not if you are sincere and try to learn the situation (from the source) before speaking. But there is so much wrong with expressing your concern to the wrong audience or WITH THE WRONG MOTIVE.

So many women hate other women. We are trained to see each other as competition and not to bring each other up. This happens in both our personal and professional lives and has been heavy on my heart for a while now. I have so many mentors and little sister type of friends that exemplify what sisterly love can be and I am grateful for that.

Now not all of us will agree on all levels. That's life. If you use vocabulary like 'lovies' or squeal a lot we likely won't have a lot in common and be close friends, LOL. But that's the great part of life... finding those who DO share some of the same things and enjoy you for you. Unfortunately too many people are unhappy with themselves or maybe in certain areas of their life and y'all females come off straight petty, jealous, and yup... NOSEY.

Inquire only if you genuinely care. Check yourself because believe me, other people will. Your fear of what you don't understand or envy in another woman is obvious. We see your insecurities. That fake friendliness is worse than anything.

As a person I've done my best to stay out of drama and gossip situations. This has resulted in cutting out or limiting time for people who are not positive in my life. This isn't always easy and I know I have my own faults. But let's reevaluate and try to surround ourselves with good people. I don't mean it has to be Mother Teresa types... some of the fronts people put on are masking the meanest-hearted people. I mean, surround yourself with good-hearted people. If you don't know ask God for that discernment. He'll show you. And if we can each be an example to even one other female about having love for her and not a passive animosity than I am happy.

For all my fellow Christian women who judge and gossip... I am extra disappointed, not mad. Only God can judge me or YOU. So you can either man(woman) up or continue to be in that 'basic' category. We are not defined by what we do or what we have, but by who we are.

Keep it light... Love to all the real beezys

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  1. I question peoples motive more than I should but I think it's very valuable to know what's behind people's advice from time to time.

    I was actually in the middle of outlining a post about people who suck the positive energy right out of you. This was very helpful in clearing my head a little.

    Good post(although I'm a little late.)