Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FOX NEWS does it again...

Tell me can any news source get caught fabricating (and sometimes flat out lying) more than this one?!? I'm so cynical about the state of our news and media these days, I know. But the blatant slant to story telling is frustrating to say the least. I may need to resort to just listening to the radio until NPR can come out with a channel on TV.

I don't care how you "label it"... the conservative, far right, theocrats, what-have-you believe in preserving social traditional social orders and values. Some of these values I agree with WHOLEHEARTEDLY, but not at the expense of the truth OR of real people and real issues. I don't give myself any particular "label" at all. I am a Christian at heart. That's the only label I want! And that is the primary reason why I care about our society... in it's entirety. No man/woman/child left behind!!!!

Rap duo 'Dude N Nem', live at this address that Fox News Chicago claimed was a sham because his home was a vacant lot. Regardless of this man's background (or whether his place of business looks just like yours) he is part of the Census... and part of our country where everyone deserves to be counted, to vote, to have a chance at a county contract, and to have a second chance. Maybe some of these contracts are a bit shady. But funny how we rarely see larger scale shady contracts when it involves companies from the other side of the tracks. OK I'm ranting so feel free to disagree with me here. It's funny how they actually fight back. There are planning a march/protest tomorrow, the 27th. Check out the video...
The essence of this is believing what you see and hear at face value all the time. Most of the US lives in a bubble. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Once you KNOW better, you can DO better.

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